Matero's Homeschool


English Language Arts

Acrostic Poem "MONKEY"
Creative Writing Kyle's House, May

Creative Writing Bunny Trouble, May

Granddad's Visit Feb

Chicken Noodle Soup Poem, Dictated by Matero
Dad's Crash, April
HLAT Sample Exam Question:  A troll has locked a princess in a very high tower.  This tower has no stairs and no doors, only a small window at the very, very top.  The king has offered a reward to the person who can rescue the princess.
Answer: Explain how you would rescue the princess.

Matero's Outline for his answer to HLAT Exam Question

HLAT Exam Answer

Reading Comprehension

The Verb "To Be"

Fill in the blank

 Plural Practice

Matero’s (Partial) Book List for 2012-13

Art, by Jirina Marton
Birthday Monsters! By Sandra Boynton
Bob The Builder: Dizzy and Muck work it out, adapted by Annie Auerbach
Bone: Old Man’s Cave, by Jeff Smith
Curious George Flies a Kite, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Curious George Gets a Medal, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Curious George Goes to the Hospital, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Curious George learns the Alphabet, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Curious George Rides a Bike, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Curious George Snow Days, adapted by Rotem Moscovich
Curious George Takes and Job, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Curious George Visits the Library, by H.A. Rey
Curious George’s Dream, by Margaret & H.A. Rey
Franklin has a Sleepover
I Can Read Prince Caspian: Lucy’s Journey, adapted by Jennifer Frantz
I Can Read Prince Caspian: This is Narnia, adapted by Jennifer Franz
I can Read with My Eyes Shut, by Dr. Seuss
If I Ran the Rain Forest, by Bonnie Worth (The Cat in the Hat Learning Library)
Just Me and My Mom, by Mercer Meyer
Just My Friend and Me, by Mercer Mayer
Let’s Go!  The Story of Getting from There to Here, by Lizann Flatt
Magic Schoolbus Hopps Home
Magic Schoolbus Makes a Rainbow
National Geographic, various
Nicole’s Boat by Allen Morgan
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, by Dr. Seuss
Peaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee MacLean
Reading: Surprises
Reading: Treasures
Reading: Wonders
School Days Around the World, by Catherine Chambers
Sharks! By Ginjer Clarke
Something From Nothing, by Phoebe Gilman
Spongebob Squarepants Hands Off, by David Lewman
Spongebob Tees Off, by Ilanit Oliver
Stuart Little, based on the screenplay by M. Night Shyamalan and Greg Brooker
T ale of Tom Kitten, Beatrix Potter
The Adventures of Captain Underpants, by Dav Pilkey
The Apple Pie Tree, by Zoe Hall
The Cobweb Queen, by Geoffrey Hayes
The King Who Learned to Smile, by Seymour Reit
The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost, by Geoffrey Hayes
The Secret of Foghorn Island, by Geoffrey Hayes
The Treasure of the Lost Lagoon, by Geoffrey Hayes
Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea, by Michaela Muntean
Tree Guardians to the Rescue, by The Whisper Hollow Group
Usborne Phonics Readers X 12
Whales: The Gentle Giants, by Joyce Milton
Whoo’s There? By Heather Zschock



Bar Graph



Multiplication Tables

Social Studies

Map and Legend Review

Map of Canada with Capital Cities

Map puzzle of continents of the world

Petroglyph at the Valley of the Kings (Valle de Los Reyes)

Visit to the Naval Museum

Checking out archaeological finds



The Water Cycle

The Three States of Water

States of Matter, Liquid vs Solid

Refraction - begin with a straight pencil ...

Change mediums and it seems to bend.

Other Learning

Shandro teaching Matero how to wakeboard

Matero's first try after the lesson

Flying a trainer kite

Trainer kite, the big picture

Fixing a flat tire

Matero made this ceviche

 Matero's Art

Cake Decorating

Painting Easter Eggs

Sand snowman

Kite boarding

Bug on a flower

Cat (for one of Matero's stories)

Monkey (Matero loves monkeys)

Building with Lego building blocks

A Lego bird creation