Other Homeschool Experiences


Investigating the Jackfruit (Yucca)

Cutting into it is so sticky, you need to oil the knife and your hands
Inside it is beautiful

Woops - she forgot to put oil on her hands!

Yucca, ready to eat.  It tastes like bananas, pineapple
strawberries, and peaches, all in one bite.  Yum!

Art We Have Seen

The floating girl

Sand Men

Huichol Yarn Art

Dolphin Statue

Huichol Bead Art

Traditional Flamenco Statue

The study of Orbs

Nautical Museum

Shandro & Matero checking out a war ship

Matero telling me about the search and rescue boat

Galleon replica

Cut away view

Archaeology Museum

Petroglyphs at Alta Vista

Matero and the petroglyphs.  We did rubbings
of the glyphs when we were there.

A cross dating back to about 300 BC representing
the four directions.

Another Tecoxquines Petroglyph, over 2000 years old

This is the web of a Funnel Web Spider that we saw on the petroglyph hike.

Two interesting trees on the walk: Papelillo trees (commonly known as
Gringo trees because of their red peeling bark)

and Kapok trees (we call them chocolate chip trees)

and a papaya tree

Doing art aboard Sonrisa with Ben & Huon

Painting eggs

using acrylic paints
 finished eggs

Sea Creature Investigation

Saving a Sea Urchin with Kyle and Christina

Up close they are very spiney

Home in a tidal exchange pool with his friends

 And of course, Sailing, since we live on a sailboat

The ups and downs of sailing

Sailing with some friends aboard Kenta Anae

Sailing Fluenta's little sailing dinghy, no grown-ups allowed!


Tortilla Fish, which the locals cook whole including
the bones, for a nice crunchy snack ...

Night fishing with Ella

... and no photo of the first fish that Matero ever speared, but he was excited!

Squid ...

Cutting it to keep the edible parts.

 Shandro demonstrates

Cleaning it.

Beating it - in Greece where squid are eaten often, they throw them on the dock 100 times to soften the meat so it can be eaten.  So that's what we did.

Cooking the squid.

Calamari - Yum!


Diving off Breeze, right in Marina La Cruz

Swimming at the pool ...

... and snorkling.

Monkeying Around

Swinging on the halyards

Ella and Shandro swinging and loving it!

Our La Cruz Kid's Club supports the

Manos de Amor (Hands of Love) Orphanage

 We are raising money for the orphanage by selling smoothies.

We organized a party for the kids for King's Day.  They are breaking piniatas.

At Work Aboard Kenta Anae

Shandro putting on the harness and equipment.

Going up the mast.

 Matero winches his brother up the mast while Dad tails.

Mom's view of Shandro.

Shandro's view of the marina.

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