Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28th – our Mexican family, Maria de Jesus and Paul arrived at our boat this morning, eager to sail with us at our invitation, but just as eager to take us to eat once more at Choy’s parent’s home. And so we went, chauffered once again by this generous crew! We ate cow head tacos – a delicacy here in Mexico. We did not want to know this, but we could not help but notice the ladies in the kitchen pulling the last bits of meat off the skull to add them to the monstrous bowl of meat already prepared. They kept the eyes separate, lucky for Maria de Jesus as they are her favorite! And the dogs got their share before we sat down to eat. Lucky dogs! After we ate, and Choy’s dad David made sure we understood we could come back any time, and that his house was our house (mi casa es su casa), we departed to the boat. Once everyone was aboard (there were 13 of us all together), we set sail. We sailed through an amazing pod of about 30 whales at close range, so we watched them and took many photos. It was absolutely magical! They were rising and diving and breaching and flapping their flippers on the water much like a beaver slaps his tail! And one of them shot out of the water and did a perfect pirouette before her splashdown! It was very spectacular, and we were very close to them, which added to the excitement! I have a couple of good photos. Amazing!
It was very exciting! Then Christian went ashore, and the rest of us all found places to sleep onboard our boat. On waking, we departed to Les Tres Mariettas Islands, anchored, snorkled, Choy (who is deathly afraid of water) swam, and just enjoyed the water. We arrived back in La Cruz by evening, and after a shocking accidental grounding at the entrance of the harbour, (the boat is luckily fine) departed them for the last time in 2008.

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