Monday, January 10, 2011

Trying to Go South ...

Well, we did try to depart today, but the world would not have it.  With everything aboard, and almost everything stowed, we headed over to the fuel dock only to find that there was no fuel!  And that they were expecting the fuel truck, but they had been expecting him all day.  So ...

... we turned around before low tide made that impossible, and headed back to our slip for a nice dinner, and then up to the top for one last soak in the jacuzzie and one last cold dip in the outside pool.  The universe is very determined that we need to take our sweet time!  No rushing.  This is very Mexico!  Now to sleep, perchance to dream of unseen shores and the magical adventure ahead of us.

We are heading straight to Cabo offshore the whole way, where we will touch base with family before heading farther east to Puerto Vallarta.  We hope to be there by Dixie's birthday on January 27th.  We'll see if we make it by then!  It depends on the wind, and also if we decide to hang out in Los Frailles fishing before continuing east.

We have a friend named Alice who is joining us for this leg of our adventure.  We are excited to have her along, and I think she is just as excited to join us!  She is very musical, so hopefully we get to do some music as we sail along.

Hasta pasta, as Rick would say.

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