Friday, November 28, 2008

Merle says: We are back in La Paz after a few day island excursion to the north for same playa isolote anchorages. We coaxed the Wind through the sails of Kenta Anae for some motor free sailing and anchoring for three days and ended up at a bitchin' anchorage with the teal blue sea and white sandy beaches and terra cotta rojo volcanic rock rimming the beautiful beach. Protection from the wind on three sides – can’t ask for better. And everyone in the anchorage left by the lunch hour leaving only us. We hiked the hills, hurled rocks of the cliffs with the kids, and gathered firewood for a beach fire in the evening. Once back at the boat we swam off the side including Matero solo. Just about the time I spewed the words, ‘we have "arrived"’ as I was air drying on the bow deck beside Allison, there was a loud thump and wail as Matero slipped post-swim on the companionway stairs and plummeted to a cranium landing on the sole below. Well, with blood oozing out of his ear and mouth and the I am really hurting cry on medium (which means its serious) we scrambled back to La Paz for a visit to the emergency room. The kicker was that it was a six hour sail back to town; that is a l-o-n-g Golden Hour window for any head trauma. Dan at the helm, me on the radio. So, maybe due to genetics he stabilized after 30 min and with Allison pouring energy into him sat quietly and watched a couple of movies while we hauled ass to town (for a sail boat). We managed to get a sat phone message relay to town (one of many miracles today) and a rescue boat met us an hour from the first landing in the bay (another miracle). Matero got his first ambulance ride (ambulance waiting for us at the dock - another miracle) to the x-ray machine. Turns out he is quite tough and resilient and with skull intact he is recovering nicely with a little quiet time and extra naps. He is otherwise his infectious humorous self and we are all very thankful. So pefection is liquid, Dan says. Don’t try to squeeze it too tight or it will drip out of your hands. Just relax in it and let it be. It was a nice reminder that we have a lot of good things going as we seek our latest balance. That’s the news lately. I am sure Allison will send a hello too. Shandro adds one more miracle: after his impromptu sleepover at Love Song, Kathy fed them pancakes with strawberries and cream for breakfast while we were at the hospital.
Allison adds: Now we are safe and sound on our boat. We had an excellent dinner of ribs and new potatoes and grilled zucchini, and now I am going to sleep. And I will sleep well, knowing that my family is all here and healthy and happy. Thanksgiving has never felt as good as it feels today. I am so grateful for all that has been done for us. Thank you, universe. Please send out blessings to everyone who helped us, and please help their love return to them ten-fold. Amen.

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