Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, Nov 20th, 2008 – Revolution Day in Mexico. We are in La Paz, and the boys went to Spanish school with Morgan this morning to try it out. There was a play first thing in the morning to celebrate revolution day – the day when the unfair government of 20 years was finally overrun by a democratic Robin Hood type fellow and the people were finally freed. The children were all dressed up in costumes and we watched. It was all in Spanish, (roughly translated by the gentleman standing behind me) and was awesome! Then Morgan took Shandro’s hand and off they went to his classroom. I went with Matero to a different classroom where we learned some English words during their English lesson. Then they had an augua break and when Matero got up, there were several children who offered him their water, speaking only Spanish. Matero gratefully took a glass and drank and smiled. Love does not need words. He was okay when I left; I hope he will maintain his happiness until I return at 2 o’clock.
Well, when we got there to pick the boys up, they both wanted to return to school tomorrow! That’s so great! They really loved it. Matero joined Shandro and Morgan in their classroom in the afternoon for company. I’m glad they liked it.
Merle worked on the boat today while we were gone. He did some mast work, and he got our SSB working on low power. Very cool. Tomorrow is an SSB check with Pete, Allen’s friend, who is an SSB expert. Long range communication will be excellent after this.

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