Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14th – Happy Birthday, Florence! And Happy Valentines Day! Hope to talk to you soon! Today we caught a bus and took the boys to downtown Puerto Vallarta to check out the sand sculptures and statues along the Malacon (which is the walk along the seashore). Dad bought us a nice Valentines lunch with fresh juice that was divine. Then we went to the zoo and saw some animals we had never seen before. Some of them were pink flamingos, peacocks, deer, crocodile, panther, leopard, cougar, lynx, tigers, and ring-tailed cats. Then Merle hired a taxi driver to bring us back to La Cruz (which was a great treat all by itself). We arrived just in time for dinner aboard Love Song; Kathy made absolutely delicious chicken enchiladas and we were grateful to be there sharing it with them. The children outnumbered the adults, with 6 kids aboard; Rocko and Mia (Alexandra’s children) were visiting as well. We took the boys home tired and happy.

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  1. Hi well I just found this today Dec.06,2010
    Thank you so much. I guess I was just to busy to surf the internet. Nice surprise, almost into my next birhtday. Better late than never.

    Bye now
    Love you all