Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15th. Well Merle and I had a date today that was really nice. Kathy took the boys for us (she is amazing – had her hands full with 6 children, and still calm and happy!). So Merle and I had the whole day to ourselves! It was peaceful and calm and happy. Merle has a good sense of humor when he is happy, and he mad me laugh a lot today! It was nice to spend the day with just him. When Kathy returned with the boys, they came aboard and told us all of their adventures. We were all refreshed and happy to see each other. Being away even for a few hours now seems like a long time. But it is always time well spent.

I would like to know how to help Shandro be more positive. God, will you help me please? I will wait for an inspiration from you, here at the computer. Thank you. Pray before bed. Say positive things when he is not mad – even happy. Louise Hay is good. Don’t be so hard on him when he feels sad or bad or hurt. Just comfort him. Don’t yell. Try to be loving especially when he’s mad. Teach the ten commandments. Read the positive Wayne Dyer books often. Play. Sympathize. Shut my mouth and actively listen.

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