Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mexican Cell Phone

March 3rd ish. An email that never went through … Hope you are awesome! We are good here. As synchronicity goes, we have changed our plans a bit. We will still come home to Canada this summer, but we will be in Puerto Vallarta a bit longer than we initially thought. Weather is better for heading north later in the spring than it is now – May or June. And Merle is helping some of the people who are here get ready to head south. So we will be in Puerto Vallarta for a while – not sure how long – time will tell – but long enough to get a phone …

Merle got our cell phone hooked up yesterday to a Mexican cell service, so you can call us now! I won't publish the number here, but we can email it to you. Haven’t got all of the bugs worked out of the phone yet – a new card in it means that everything is in Spanish, so we have to figure that out to program it. But it does work just fine as far as ringing and answering and speaking to the person on the other end! We’d love to hear from you – any time! I don't think we can dial out of Mexico tho - so we are only on the receiving end at the moment.

The boys are great. We have been anchored out in the harbor at La Cruz for the last while. The wind is ferocious at over 20 knots in the afternoons, but our anchor holds fast and we are grateful. Yesterday, a little boat was dragging through the anchorage. The owners were gone. So, three very kind men took their dinghies and went aboard and let out some more anchor chain to help her stay put. I was so grateful watching them. It warmed my heart and made me feel so lucky to be surrounded by people like that who watch out for us all the time.

One of the amazing things about the community here is the local net. It is a communication on the radio at 8:30 every morning. And it is all helpful and positive. So if someone needs something or help, they ask. And if someone has something to give away or is good at something, they offer. And there is trading and synchronicity and gratitude galore. It is really remarkable what can happen with a community when the communication is positive all the time. It flourishes. It makes us all feel great because we can help people and they can in turn pass it on. It is excellent. It is rewarding. We are so grateful to be a part of it. They are starting a kids net on Monday, and grown-ups are allowed to listen, but they are not allowed to talk. That will be fun!

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