Thursday, April 14, 2011

News Time!

Well it's News Time!!

Merle says:

We are becoming 'Mexicans'!! The weather vane is pointing to Banderas Bay for our family this summer and coming winter. After much angle viewing spreadsheet comparing and soul searching we have decided to remain in the tropical zone for a season and further complete Kenta Anae in preparation for even grander sails abroad. We have been toying with a circumnavigation and this is a partial step in that direction. How to mix the "balance" of Mountain Ripppers and Ocean Trippers?? Well hell if I know but for now it's going to be Hot and wet. Bad if your in the jungle, ha, we are on the sea.

We are field testing that the energetics of our world can bring all that we need and more to extend the storyline on or current adventure. We are living simply and happily while the ocean rocks our floating yacht into the nights.

Allison says:

Yup - we are going to experience a tropical summer this year. It is true; and it was not an easy decision, but we are doing our best lately to listen to our hearts as much as possible, instead of our wallets. So we are putting our trust in the universe. Should be interesting...

So far, so good. The sun is hot during the day, but it is still cool and breezy at night so sleep comes easily. No mosquitoes, no bugs at all actually. Living on the sea definately has its perks! On the land, they burn coconut husks to keep the black flies at bay. The boys are going for a tour of a local school this week. I hope that they will learn a bit more Spanish one way or another! They sold palm frond art that they made (grasshoppers, bracelets, fish, and centipedes) at our local market this past Sunday. It was really sweet to see them running their little booth. The only kids at the market.  It was Shandro's idea, so we helped him get there and he did the rest.  Next week, I get to join them doing face painting. I can't wait!

No other news at the moment, but lots of things up in the air waiting for decisions to be made, so there will be some more news soon!

Meanwhile, love to you all. Sending you many blessings and as much sunshine as we can muster. The boys say hi to all of their friends and relatives. And so do we. We are always so grateful for news from home, so thanks for all the news - especially the baby news (congratulations new Moms and Dads and Grandmas and Granddads to be)!!  Love that! No baby news on this end ...

Also a funny note - we almost sent this on April Fools Day, and then thought better of it ...

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