Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Merry Mother's Day

I've just gotta tell you about my Mother's Day. For Mother's day, the boys served me chocolate fondue with fruit for breakfast. Delish!! Made with everything raw and yummy. Then we walked to a berry tree and picked berries and read stories and drew with chalk on the sidewalk in between trips to the ice cream store. And after that, we came back to the marina, all gor dressed up in our glad rags and went to a little restaurant here that has GREAT chocolate cake. So we had that with tortilla soup, chips and salsa and shrimp quesadillas. It was an awesome day!

I did everything I wanted to do!! There was a lot of discussion leading up to mother's day about chocolate cake. We couldn't decide if we wanted to dress up fancy and each eat a piece of cake at a restaurant, or if we wanted to buy a whole big cake and take it to the beach and eat it like savages. The boys chose the dress-up option - imagine?! - so the savage chocolate cake will be for my birthday. I can't wait!!

For some moms, it's a day to be without kids - read a book or get a manicure - but for me it's a celebration of being a mom, and how better than to play with my kids?  And play we did.  It was so fun!  We laughed a lot and every time I said maybe we could do something - the boys agreed wholeheartedly!  What a great day!
Thank you God for making me a mom!

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