Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Savage Birthday Cake

I (Allison) had a great birthday complete with savage birthday cake.  We've been talking about savage cake since before Mother's Day.  Today was the day!  We got a big chocolate cake and took it to the beach and ate it with no utensils - only our faces and hands!  I was the first to bite into it - and I think it is the first time in MANY years that I have had chocolate cake up my nose!  It was such a blast!  The kids were totally laughing at me.  Then they dug in too!  We even fed Chilko some.  We had to swim in the ocean to get all the cake off ... 

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  1. hi Allison,

    Happy Birthday! This is Christina from Sea Biscuit on Dock 4. Where did you get your cake? We are having my stepson and his wife come to visit tomorrow and will probably need to buy a nice cake for her birthday (19th).

    How was the wedding?

    We are getting ready for a visit from Grandpa (my dad) Thursday in a week and are trying to find out options for places to stay. Did your friends (or were they relatives?) stay in a place you would recommend? We are looking for a quiet place that is nice. A kitchen would be good too. If you have a minute to write or we run into you on the docks, any info you pass our way is appreciated.

    And since I'm writing, one more question - do your kids go to school here? How has that worked out? Would you recommend it? Kyle's 5 1/2 and working through kindergarten material with me on the boat.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Christina - cnoftsker@gmail.com or svseabiscuit@gmail.com